About Alpana

Alpana Habib was born in Solihull, England, and grew up in Bangladesh. Alpana has been a keen culinary enthusiast since childhood. Her journey as a culinary artist began by cooking for family and friends at a very tender age. By the time she grew up, her remarkable culinary talents became more widely known, and she started giving cooking lessons at home.

Her Bangla television cooking shows on DeshTV, NTV, ATN, DiptoTV and Zee Bangla became wildly popular, and once they became available online on YouTube, drew nearly 20 million hits. Today her YouTube channel has over 60,000 subscribers from all over the world, a remarkable achievement for a Bangla cooking show.

Her recipes have been featured multiple times in some of Bangladesh’s premier newspapers and periodicals

including The Daily Star, ProthomAlo, ANANYA, RosuiGhar and West Bengal’s HanglaHeshel.
Recently Alpana has been recognized as an “Inspiring Women in Culinary Art 2017” by Women in Leadership and Brand Forum.
Alpana was educated at the University of Dhaka, where she earned an MA in psychology. She lives in Dhaka with her husband and two sons.

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