Your long wait for a comprehensive Bangla book of recipes with world-class production values is over. Even better, it’s also in English, making these recipes accessible for the first time to non-Bangla speakers including second-generation Bengalis being raised all over the world.

From traditional Bengali dishes like a bharta or shukto to a regal kachchibiriyani, a Thai salad, or a US-style carrot cake, this cookbook has it all, and then some. Mediterranean recipes, Japanese, Chinese, Korean dishes, old classics from the British Raj - it’s all here.

Alpana Habib’s cooking has a worldwide following. Alpana is a veteran of over 400 episodes of wildly popular TV cooking shows. Her online YouTube channel of cooking shows has drawn nearly 20 million hits and has over 57,000 subscriptions.

Just what is the secret of her remarkable success? Several factors have contributed. Her precise, succinct recipes make preparing of the most elaborate dishes a breeze for even a novice. Her simple, engaging, friendly style is leavened by a genuine love for good food and a passion to share her skills.
For the first time, this collection of recipes brings 250 of her best-loved recipes in book form, retaining all the remarkable qualities that have made her cooking shows such a success.

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